meet the maker with warm & drift


Meet the Maker x Warm & Drift
November 14 11:00-4:00

We are so pleased to welcome local artisan Nellija Ziepniece to the shop as part of our annual Meet the Makers series starting this weekend! Nellija’s label, Warm + Drift, is a small producton of hand made soft goods that range from felted creatures, weavings, paper mache wall hangings and rag dolls. 

Please join us this Saturday November 14.Nellija will be in the shop from 11-4 sharing her craft along with a selection of items available for purchase.  She will also be taking orders for her custom made dolls, a perfect heirloom gift for Christmas this year. Bring in a photo of a loved one and Nellija can create a doll to resemble the image. Dolls range from $75-95.

Nellija Sewing

How long have you been making and creating? I was very creative growing up. But did mainly painting. Then i didn’t really do anything creative for quite a while. (I was busy getting a degree in international relations, working and drinking ;). Then I met Chris in Norway and moved out here. I all of a sudden had all this time on my hands and this urge to do something creative again. So I slowly started getting back into the creative process and ever since moving out here 4 years ago, the creative juices haven’t stopped flowing.

What are some of your tools, materials and processes? I love working with wool, everything from knitting, crocheting to needle felting and weaving. I also like to experiment with other fibers like paper (paper mache). Sewing. I love combining colors.

What inspires you? Because of where I grew up, a lot of my designs are  inspired by Scandinavian design. The simplicity, natural materials and earthiness of the colors. I love the creative process, I find it very zen( therapeutic if you will). But my favorite part of the process is designing. My brain never stops. Having an image in my head and then with few trials and errors watching it come alive, I find very rewarding.

Who are your design heroes? I really admire all the traditional makers craftsmanship all around the world. But here are couple designer names that inspire me Justine Ashbee from Nativeline. And Roxy Marj

What is a new skill you would like to learn? A new skill would be pottery or carving. I would also like to explore weaving more.


I had the pleasure of visiting Nellija in her lovely East Vancouver home, where she lives with her partner Chris and their vibrant daughter Ruby. I got a little preview of what Nellija is planning to bring to the shop this weekend,  her creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me.  Here is a little Q&A, enjoy!

Who are you? I am a stay at home mom who loves designing and creating, trying out new technics and materials. Love working with fibers and have a special love for wool. 

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Latvia. A tiny country in Europe, well known for it’s textile craftsmanship. The knowledge usually gets passed on from generation to generation. So I learned most technics from my grandmas. I moved to Norway when I was 18 and lived there for 10 years.

Who, when, where did you learn ? I discovered that I love working with fibers. This was all knowledge stored away for years. Combined with a more modern take on design. So I gradually keep improving my skill by doing it. I don’t have an education in arts.


Hope to see you this weekend!  Check out our schedule for our Meet the Maker series.