meet the maker with cahoots

Meet the Maker x Cahoots
November 21 2-4pm

We have a a very special treat for you this weekend! Ross and John from Cahoots will be serving up some hot toddys featuring their new Chai simple syrup in the shop! AND to sweeten the deal, there is an amazing giveaway you can enter to win during the event!

Launched in 2014, Cahoots is an amazing line of simple syrups that have become quick favourites in the shop.  They are made for mixing creative cocktails and also great for experimenting in the kitchen.  The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and the flavours are exemplified through cold pressed brewing.  There are 5 flavours: Classic, Lemon, Hibiscus, Lavender and the just released Chai.  From its graphic packaging to its flavourful contents. Cahoots syrups will be a popular yet thoughtful gift this holiday season.

We hope you join us in the shop this Saturday between 2-4pm for a taste of what’s new with Cahoots, enter a giveaway and maybe pick up a bottle or two in preparation of the holidays! available online



Who are you? How did the 2 of you meet ?
We’re Cahoots. More specifically, we’re John & Ross, two friends that met ages ago and spent far too long discussing ridiculous ideas for food products. When the idea for Cahoots came about, something clicked.

What do you make?
Cahoots makes simple syrups from a blend of whole, natural ingredients. We like to think of our syrups as collaborative flavours for cocktails and more.

How long have you been making and creating?
Cahoots launched in 2014 with the simple idea of creating and sharing great food and drinks.


How did you learn to do what you are making?
Finding ourselves frustrated by the quality of cocktails we were mixing at home, we started making simple syrups and found our ability to mix drinks improved instantly. All of a sudden we understood a few basic ratios at the heart of classic drinks and things took off.

What were you doing before?
Neither of us come from the bar or cocktail world. We’re graphic designers who spend much of our day helping our clients tell their stories. Cahoots started from a desire to tell our own story.

What are some of your tools, materials and processes?
We use whole, natural ingredients and source raw goods directly from the source whenever possible. Our lavender comes from a farm in the Naramata area that grows 16 varietals of lavender. Ours is a specific blend of three. When they’re produced, Cahoots syrups are cold-steeped to extract only the essential flavours. It’s not the easiest or fastest method, but we’ve found it’s the best.

What are the goals behind your brand ?
We have a motto: Make better cocktails.

What do you love best about what you do?
As graphic designers, we work on the surface of a product and usually come into the process quite late. With Cahoots, we have complete control over every detail, from beginning to end.

What/Who inspires you?
Great design. Great products. Great food. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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