meet the maker with vitruvi

Meet the Maker x Vitruvi Design
December 5   1-3PM

Sara Panton, co-founder of Vitruvi Design will be here in the shop sharing her beautiful and thoughtful line of modern aromatherapy products with you.  Vitruvi produces complex blends with bottom, middle and top notes similar to that of a perfume, but rooted in the medicinal effect scents have on our limbic system.  The extensive line includes aromatherapy oil, massage oil, remedy oil and face + body mist and has recently introduced a home line of diffuser oil which will be available in the shop starting this weekend! Shop our selection hereVitruvi-ingredients



Sara and her brother Sean launched Vitruvi in 2014 after a year and half of developing it’s product line.  The line is inspired by our emotional experiences with scent and the desire to harness its power through daily ritual and habit.  Vitruvi designs and creates unique blends using 100% pure essential oils sourced from over 20 different countries.  Each oil has it’s function.  All thoughtful and intentional, Vitruvi aromatherapy oils are meant to be used throughout the day.  Some you would keep close to you, like STILL which melds botanical properties known for easing insecurities, exhaustion, stress and balancing hormones delivered in a floral scent.  Or some you would use at certain times of the day, like WAKE, with invigorating properties of Juniper, Bergamot and Eucalyptus.

Join us this Saturday December 5 and learn how Vitruvi can help improve your day to day effective self!