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meet the maker with vitruvi

Meet the Maker x Vitruvi Design
December 5   1-3PM

Sara Panton, co-founder of Vitruvi Design will be here in the shop sharing her beautiful and thoughtful line of modern aromatherapy products with you.  Vitruvi produces complex blends with bottom, middle and top notes similar to that of a perfume, but rooted in the medicinal effect scents have on our limbic system.  The extensive line includes aromatherapy oil, massage oil, remedy oil and face + body mist and has recently introduced a home line of diffuser oil which will be available in the shop starting this weekend! Shop our selection hereVitruvi-ingredients



Sara and her brother Sean launched Vitruvi in 2014 after a year and half of developing it’s product line.  The line is inspired by our emotional experiences with scent and the desire to harness its power through daily ritual and habit.  Vitruvi designs and creates unique blends using 100% pure essential oils sourced from over 20 different countries.  Each oil has it’s function.  All thoughtful and intentional, Vitruvi aromatherapy oils are meant to be used throughout the day.  Some you would keep close to you, like STILL which melds botanical properties known for easing insecurities, exhaustion, stress and balancing hormones delivered in a floral scent.  Or some you would use at certain times of the day, like WAKE, with invigorating properties of Juniper, Bergamot and Eucalyptus.

Join us this Saturday December 5 and learn how Vitruvi can help improve your day to day effective self!






meet the maker with bare knitwear

Meet the Maker x Bare Knitwear
November 28 1-5pm

Kelsey Adair from Vancouver company Bare Knitwear will be popping up in the shop this weekend with pieces from her 2015/16 Collection.  Made from natural shades of 100% Peruvian apalca wool, Kelsey has created a line that celebrates artisanal practices in combination with modern designs. The collection is designed in Vancouver, and made by a group of skilled women Kelsey has met and worked with while visiting Peru. Each piece is carefully hand crafted and celebrates the unique skill of the artisan who made it.

In addition to featuring Bare Knitwear 2015/16 collection, Kelsey is also the maker of our Everdeen throw, a chunky throw blanket knit here in Vancouver exclusively for Nineteen Ten.  Made from 100% lambs wool, the Everdeen throw is truly unique with a beautiful stitch that sets it apart from other throws.  Perfect for getting all cozy under, and will add texture and warmth to your overall room decor.  Each throw is made to order with 5 colour options. We invite you to come down to talk with Kelsey about custom ordering an Everdeen throw for that special someone this holiday season!


What are some of your tools, materials and processes?
I design and sample the pieces and patterns in my Vancouver studio. After the design has been established, I collaborate with a family run alpaca farm in Peru and a group of female artisans for the production of the Bare Knitwear line. Working with the alpaca farm in Peru enables us to source the highest quality alpaca in a variety of natural shades. Each piece is hand crafted and can take up to 12 hours to produce; whether hand knit, hand crocheted or crafted on a machine. Using ancient artisan techniques allows us to produce one of a kind pieces that celebrate the unique skill of the artisan who made it. Through the production of knitwear, we are able to support and provide the ladies in Peru with a fair stable monthly income!

What is the goal behind your brand ?
The goal for Bare Knitwear is to combine heritage artisanship with modern design and a high quality fibres to create timeless pieces that communicate a story to the customer.

What do you love best about what you do?
The people! Through Bare Knitwear,  I have met so many inspiring people that I wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to meet. Whether that’s a customer, a store owner I have partnered with, one of the Bare Knitwear knitters or a fellow small business owner. I really feel as if there is a community of like minded individuals around me who share common goals.

What/Who inspires you?
Much of my design thoughts are sparked while out in nature on the north shore, spending time by the water and in the forest. I’m also inspired when I visit Peru, there is something about the warmth and serenity of the dry hills and cobblestone roads that plays into each collection. The thought and visualization of where I want Bare Knitwear to be in five years time, is constant inspiration and motivation for myself to keep going every day.

Next Meet the Maker: Dec 5 with Vitruvi Modern Aromatherapy  1-3PM




In true Meet the Maker form, we will have fresh brewed hot apple cider and cookies to enjoy in the afternoon. AND let’s not forget the giveaway… come by and enter to win a Bare Knitwear grey MITCH HAT !

Q+A with Bare Knitwear

Who are you?
Kelsey Adair-designer and owner of Bare Knitwear.

What do you make?
I design specialty scarves, hats and throw blankets by combining ancient artisan techniques with 100% natural alpaca fibres. I work with a talented group of female artisans in the Peruvian Andes who hand craft each collection.

How did you learn to do what you are making?
Growing up I spent every weekend in Whistler at my grandparents cabin. After a day on the hill, my Nana would sit with me and teach me the basics of knitting. I used to pump out dish cloths! Later, in high school I expanded my skill set by learning to crochet by spending hours making hats. After learning the basic skills I watched lots of tutorials and there was (and still is) a lot of trial and error with any new design.

What were you doing before Bare Knitwear?  
I have always worked in apparel, more recently I worked as a wholesale sales rep for a jewelry line and as a store manager and accessories Buyer.



meet the maker with cahoots

Meet the Maker x Cahoots
November 21 2-4pm

We have a a very special treat for you this weekend! Ross and John from Cahoots will be serving up some hot toddys featuring their new Chai simple syrup in the shop! AND to sweeten the deal, there is an amazing giveaway you can enter to win during the event!

Launched in 2014, Cahoots is an amazing line of simple syrups that have become quick favourites in the shop.  They are made for mixing creative cocktails and also great for experimenting in the kitchen.  The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and the flavours are exemplified through cold pressed brewing.  There are 5 flavours: Classic, Lemon, Hibiscus, Lavender and the just released Chai.  From its graphic packaging to its flavourful contents. Cahoots syrups will be a popular yet thoughtful gift this holiday season.

We hope you join us in the shop this Saturday between 2-4pm for a taste of what’s new with Cahoots, enter a giveaway and maybe pick up a bottle or two in preparation of the holidays! available online



Who are you? How did the 2 of you meet ?
We’re Cahoots. More specifically, we’re John & Ross, two friends that met ages ago and spent far too long discussing ridiculous ideas for food products. When the idea for Cahoots came about, something clicked.

What do you make?
Cahoots makes simple syrups from a blend of whole, natural ingredients. We like to think of our syrups as collaborative flavours for cocktails and more.

How long have you been making and creating?
Cahoots launched in 2014 with the simple idea of creating and sharing great food and drinks.


How did you learn to do what you are making?
Finding ourselves frustrated by the quality of cocktails we were mixing at home, we started making simple syrups and found our ability to mix drinks improved instantly. All of a sudden we understood a few basic ratios at the heart of classic drinks and things took off.

What were you doing before?
Neither of us come from the bar or cocktail world. We’re graphic designers who spend much of our day helping our clients tell their stories. Cahoots started from a desire to tell our own story.

What are some of your tools, materials and processes?
We use whole, natural ingredients and source raw goods directly from the source whenever possible. Our lavender comes from a farm in the Naramata area that grows 16 varietals of lavender. Ours is a specific blend of three. When they’re produced, Cahoots syrups are cold-steeped to extract only the essential flavours. It’s not the easiest or fastest method, but we’ve found it’s the best.

What are the goals behind your brand ?
We have a motto: Make better cocktails.

What do you love best about what you do?
As graphic designers, we work on the surface of a product and usually come into the process quite late. With Cahoots, we have complete control over every detail, from beginning to end.

What/Who inspires you?
Great design. Great products. Great food. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our Meet the Makers schedule


meet the maker with warm & drift


Meet the Maker x Warm & Drift
November 14 11:00-4:00

We are so pleased to welcome local artisan Nellija Ziepniece to the shop as part of our annual Meet the Makers series starting this weekend! Nellija’s label, Warm + Drift, is a small producton of hand made soft goods that range from felted creatures, weavings, paper mache wall hangings and rag dolls. 

Please join us this Saturday November 14.Nellija will be in the shop from 11-4 sharing her craft along with a selection of items available for purchase.  She will also be taking orders for her custom made dolls, a perfect heirloom gift for Christmas this year. Bring in a photo of a loved one and Nellija can create a doll to resemble the image. Dolls range from $75-95.

Nellija Sewing

How long have you been making and creating? I was very creative growing up. But did mainly painting. Then i didn’t really do anything creative for quite a while. (I was busy getting a degree in international relations, working and drinking ;). Then I met Chris in Norway and moved out here. I all of a sudden had all this time on my hands and this urge to do something creative again. So I slowly started getting back into the creative process and ever since moving out here 4 years ago, the creative juices haven’t stopped flowing.

What are some of your tools, materials and processes? I love working with wool, everything from knitting, crocheting to needle felting and weaving. I also like to experiment with other fibers like paper (paper mache). Sewing. I love combining colors.

What inspires you? Because of where I grew up, a lot of my designs are  inspired by Scandinavian design. The simplicity, natural materials and earthiness of the colors. I love the creative process, I find it very zen( therapeutic if you will). But my favorite part of the process is designing. My brain never stops. Having an image in my head and then with few trials and errors watching it come alive, I find very rewarding.

Who are your design heroes? I really admire all the traditional makers craftsmanship all around the world. But here are couple designer names that inspire me Justine Ashbee from Nativeline. And Roxy Marj

What is a new skill you would like to learn? A new skill would be pottery or carving. I would also like to explore weaving more.


I had the pleasure of visiting Nellija in her lovely East Vancouver home, where she lives with her partner Chris and their vibrant daughter Ruby. I got a little preview of what Nellija is planning to bring to the shop this weekend,  her creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me.  Here is a little Q&A, enjoy!

Who are you? I am a stay at home mom who loves designing and creating, trying out new technics and materials. Love working with fibers and have a special love for wool. 

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Latvia. A tiny country in Europe, well known for it’s textile craftsmanship. The knowledge usually gets passed on from generation to generation. So I learned most technics from my grandmas. I moved to Norway when I was 18 and lived there for 10 years.

Who, when, where did you learn ? I discovered that I love working with fibers. This was all knowledge stored away for years. Combined with a more modern take on design. So I gradually keep improving my skill by doing it. I don’t have an education in arts.


Hope to see you this weekend!  Check out our schedule for our Meet the Maker series.


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annual meet the maker series


As we gear up towards the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we will be hosting a series of 4 Meet the Maker events.  We love hosting these events because it gives us an opportunity to truly celebrate some of our favourite local makers.

We really excited to announce our line up for this years holiday Meet the Maker series. Join us and our makers to get to know a little bit more about their practice and products.

During the events, we will be serving up some hot apple cider and treats. We also collaborate with our makers for a giveaway that you can enter to win a during the weekend of the events.  This is a great way to support some local makers this Christmas season!


NOVEMBER 14 11:00am-4:00pm
Nellija Zi from Warm + Drift
Nellija is a textile artist and doll maker. She will be in the shop taking orders for custom dolls made to resemble a loved one. A perfect gift for the holidays, just bring in a picture and deposit. In addition, Nellija will be selling an assortment of her wares in the shop for the entire weekend.

NOVEMBER 21 2:00pm-4:00pm
John & Ross from Cahoots
Launched just this year, Cahoots is an amazing line of simple syrups that has become a quick favourite for our customers. Ross and John will be in the shop sharing some samples of their delicious cold pressed syrups.

NOVEMBER 28 11:00am-4:00pm
Kelsey Adair from Bare Knitwear
Bare Knitwear is a line of luxury knits that combines modern designs with heritage artisanship. Kelsey will be here taking special orders for her Everdeen throw, a Nineteen Ten exclusive. She will also have her full 2015 winter collection, From Peru to You, available for purchase for the whole weekend. Made using 100% baby alpaca wool, this collection of toques, scarves and wraps will have you swooning.

December 5 2:00pm-4:00pm
Sara from Vitruvi Aromatherapy
Vitruvi was founded in 2013 by brother and sister Sara & Sean Panton. A line of complex aromatherapy blends meant to be used everyday. Learn more about where the ingredients are sourced and hear from these experts how aromatherapy can work for you specific needs. It is going to smell so amazing in here!

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